Mentorship program

             12 Week Online & In class Session $699













Invest In Your future by building a plan, having the needed steps to your blueprint and taking action by reaching out to the resources. I will be your mentor by proving the needed fundamentals in achieving your career to the next level. I have over 20 years of ownership in business, my name is a household name, I am a brand, my company has set a tone with the Gospel Stellar Awards which is a national platform as the All White Party, I am also the director over the House of BluesGospel Brunch an so on you may see my bio at on the about our founder page.

Why should you take the course? To invest into future and begin the process, everyone needs a person that will hold them accountable and now it’s your turn click the link below an sign up to begin your new journey.

Contacting us to set a payment plan up is available call u66-697-3188 EXT 104