About NOW Faith CDC

success-factorsWe believe that success starts from within and shines outward. In order to guarantee a strong foundation of successful men and women in our community we will provide the tools that are necessary in making sure that the community will be able to trust the leaders in the community to provide good Leadership and Integrity in their businesses.

NOW Faith Business Community Development Corporation will provide enhancing skills of building self esteem, building your confidence, tools into becoming a entrepreneur and/or a successful business person, teaching etiquettes of proper dressing & the performing arts in addition to business trades in helping strengthen the relationship of spiritual growth.

We often serve as the cornerstone for our family, wearing a multitude of hats and assuming endless responsibilities as we walk our purposed paths in life. As we walk these paths in daily strides with God beside us, it is our strive for perfection not the obtainment of it that nourishes our hearts and renews our spirits, for we are sufficient in His self-sufficiency (Phillipians 4:13).
As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends we often deprive ourselves, neglecting our needs, serving as a source of support, love and nourish others.

Now is the time for us to tap into an infinite source of love, grace and mercy; a source that will fuel our hearts and set our spirits on fire! A source that will flow into us so abundantly that His love, grace and mercy will create an overflow of blessings for others. NOW Faith CDC will be serving as a vessel in the community to help your sole source of completion!

Now is the time for you to come out of your shell and become what God has called you to become.

Our Training Program

 “NOW Faith Business & Performing Arts Institute” is a place where we bring the best out in individuals that have hidden talent and we inspire those that want to become and are born to be, a star and/or a Business Owner.

We believe that everyone has a gift and at some point or another that gift has been put on the shelf or some may feel that I don’t know what to do with what I have. That’s where we “NOW Faith Business & Performing Arts Institute‘ comes in and provide you with the tools you will need to become successful!